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Mr. Mahendra Jain was born in the year 1965 in a small village by the name of Gudabalotan in the Jalore district of Rajasthan. He grew up in a loving family consisting of his father Shri Sohanmalji Jain, mother Smt. Pukibai Jain, five brothers and two sisters. His father had a medical shop and the natural progression for him like all other business families would be to join this business but fate had other plans for him.

A casual conversation between his father and the local school teacher resulted in the young Mahendra being sent for residential schooling at the prestigious St. Pauls in Ajmer. This changed his life totally and opened the horizons to an expansive world of education and knowledge never before dreamt of back home.

At the age of eight his residential schooling started and it is at the school that he first experienced many different cultures from the different parts of the country, he made friends with children from many states of the country and even places as varied as Nepal. Growing amidst a healthy and robust academic life combined with healthy pursuit of other extra-curricular activities he developed a unique persona which brought about an insatiable quest for knowledge and reading too.

After having finished his education he decided to travel and see the various cultures and thus found a job in Nellore near Chennai. A work experience that spans many industries like pharma, jewellery, plastic and travel finally brought him to Mumbai. He got married to Smt. Rajshri Jain who has over the years been extremely supportive of all his endeavours and became the proud father of two sons.

As his family grew he started his own travel business by the name of Marwar Travels in 1996 in Mumbai. Talking about the work ethic of the Rajasthani people he says, “A Rajasthani knows how to work hard, he is an all-rounder, and that is the reason why they are so good in business because they know and understand every facet well…even if you tell him to sweep the floor, he will, and at the same time he will be an equally good manager…” This quote sums up his appreciation and devotion for the Rajasthani community.

He is himself an abundant and veritable source of information about Rajasthan- the true Rajasthan, unlike what is represented in the media. He makes all efforts to bring to the world the achievements of the community, its life and culture.

Being an avid reader from the age of 12 he actually started collecting newspaper cuttings, brochures and books on the Rajasthani community from early 1994 and later set up Rajasthan and Rajasthani Research Centre also called “Rajasthanpedia” an organisation founded by him to create the most comprehensive information data bank for any detail related to the community, it’s businesses and way of life.

At times he feels dismayed with how little the younger generation actually knows about their homeland and he feels that this could be due to the fact that most parents are very busy today to discuss such things and the community overall is extremely shy and reticent about its own achievements which are not known to many. Through this organisation he hopes to change this and inculcate the feeling of ownership and pride among the young and old alike and also to bring into the limelight the achievements of this extremely industrious community.

Looking forward to a bright future with many plans of books and a foundation in the pipeline, it is hard to miss the meticulous dedication and perseverance that Mr. Jain possesses and with which he serves his lifelong passion of bringing to light in a methodical, documented and accurate way the Rajasthani community’s contribution to the world.


Even today when he sees something new about the Rajasthani community, excelling either in business, the arts or any other field, his eyes shine with pride…a true Rajasthani pride.

At first glance she seems to be just like any other girl of her age but that is a total misnomer, because beneath this simple and very soft spoken exterior is a smart, intelligent and a highly perceptive persona that is Ms. Bhavika Singhvi.

Armed with a steely determination right from a very young age she studied in Poddar School. She finished her college education from Hinduja College in the Commerce stream in the year 2008. After that she studied Computer Applications.

Hailing from the Sojat City District, Pali in Rajasthan, and the place which supplies henna to the brides of the entire country, her family settled in Mumbai about 30 years back. She has a younger brother and comes from a progressive family. Her father is an insurance advisor.

Very hardworking and diligent she first worked as a Computer Trainer imparting computer skills to students at institutes. It was at this time that Mr. Mahendra Jain the CEO of Rajasthan and Rajasthani Research Centre observed her skills and showed her the material he had collected over the years on Rajasthan and its people. She suggested that they digitize it and thus was born Rajasthanpedia in the year 2008 and they now hope to be able to make their work available to a much larger audience through this process.

At the centre she imparts a unique touch to the data and everything is beautifully organised. Extremely skilled with skills such as creating beautiful presentations, formatting data she has many such wonderful skills.

She has given the organisation the ability to soar its wings and fly and create a unique and extraordinary stamp of its own.

She has many dreams brimming in her eyes for the future of the organisation and her love and devotion for her community is unique.


And even today after having worked very hard on collating the data for research on the various details required for this project on the Rajasthani community the moment she finds something related to a successful Rajasthani be it the Business field or arts, or any other field you see an exhilaration in her eyes that is not only rare in her age group but also priceless and amazing…truly a gifted soul….

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